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What we do & Why we do it

We are here to provide a professional, personal and friendly service, tailored to your needs.  We offer a bespoke graveside service to be there for you when you can’t be there in person.

We have lived in Scarborough all our lives and gradually over the years tended the graves of our loved ones and relatives as they have left us.  As we loved them in life we now care for their graves and take great pride in how we do it.  Knowing how busy people’s lives are we decided to offer our services so that when life passes us by the care and attention that we continue to provide doesn’t.  Let us care for your loved ones and maintain their resting place, so that it remains as beautiful as you remember them in their life time.

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Our services

Grave Cleaning

Keeping your loved ones grave clean so you can be happy knowing they're being looked after.

Flower Arrangements

Custom flower arrangements made with care and the experience of several years in floristry.

Seasonal Decor

Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, we can supply decor on any occasion for your loved ones.


Our team also supplies gardening services for anybody who wishes to keep their garden tidy and beautiful.

Our Packages


1 Annual Visit

Single Care – Standard care service. Suitable for an older grave that needs maintaining and you don’t want to fall into disrepair.


£14 per month or £160 yearly
2 Visits per Annum

Double Care – Standard care service made twice annually. Ideal choice if you live away from the area.



£25 per month or £300 yearly
4 Visits per Annum

Seasonal Care – Season care service offers grave care on a quarterly basis (winter, spring, summer & autumn). Ideal if you would like the graveside to always look neat and tidy throughout the year.



£32.50 per month or £390 yearly
6 Visits per Annum

Standard Care Plus – Standard care service carried out every 2 months. Suitable if you are visiting the graveside for special occasions or on a regular basis.



£60 per month or £720 yearly
12 Visit per Annum

Bespoke Care – The most popular option, providing you with all round graveside care. By choosing the ‘Love’ care package we ensure that the grave will always be looking it’s very best. This package includes two special dates of your choice for ‘door to door service’ (in the local area of no more than 3 family members). This would be an ideal option for families that
share the responsibility of looking after a loved one’s
final resting place.

Additional Services

We can provide freshly cut flowers (£1.50 per month or
£15 per visit).

You can choose a flower arrangement for those special occasions. We will hand deliver this for you at each ‘care visit’ (£1.50 per month including arrangement cost), alternatively
this can be made up for you and provided on your visit as
part of the ‘Pearl’ package. Additional costs apply (see flower arrangement price).

Grave locating service for a one off fee of £25.
We offer a 5% discount on the chosen care package if one or more additional graves are tended at the same day. We will also offer a loyalty discount of a further 5% if you recommend a friend or relative to us, on completion of a ‘care package’ being taken out.

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